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Hopefully you've read my previous blog "Feel the fear and do it anyway"

Whilst on board Mahana and before the 6 day expidition to Australia we whiled away the time mainly sleeping and reading.  It was adorable. 

I read 3 books in 8 days - it became a game of pass the kindle.

I found amongst my photos two passages that I just loved and wanted to share these with you.

Both of these are from "Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia Owens
A highly recommended beautifully written read for the upcoming holidays.

"About love.  About how often we mistake love for fireworks - for drama and dysfunction.  But real love is very quiet, very still.  It's boring, if seen from the perspective of high drama.  Love is deep and calm - and constant."

"Unexpressed emotions will never die.  They are buried alive, and will come forth later, in uglier ways"   
                                                                                                      Sigmund Freud


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