Confessions of an addict

Bronwyn Eichbaum

Hi - my name is Bron, and I'm an addict.

This was me two nights ago as I sat down to dinner with my husband Max.  Because earlier that day I had come to the realization that I was addicted to my i phone.  Or more precisely, what is on my i phone.

My first suggestion of course was to get a land-line back.  This idea was shut down before I even got to plead my case.  I'd just like to point out at this stage of the proceedings that this makes our relationship sound one sided - when in fact I can do what I bloody well like!  Now where was I...

Oh yes - the land-line.  The idea was shut down but only after we both got our say on the pros and cons and I came to the realization that it was rather a senseless idea.

I just love the idea of going backwards.  I want to simplify things.  And wasn't that was what not having a landline was all about in the first place?  Not being tied to a phone line.  Not having that awful ring in your home environment.  Not having telly marketers calling just when you need to stir the sauce continually.  It was meant to make life more simple - more like the good life.  But it hasn't.

I've become addicted to Stuff, Instagram, Facebook, GinRummy, Candy Crush, Scrabble.  I always knew I had an addictive personality but it's getting ridiculous.   Of course I could delete all these apps.  That's a pretty simple solution.  Except I did that once before.  Yip.  And look at me now.  Slowly one by one they crept back on there and I'm back in the same place.  You should see the shite that I purchase from Instagram.  I say shite but I am very environmentally aware and try to live as sustainably as possible.  And of course they know that.  So they put all this environmentally friendly shite in front of me and I'm the sort of sucker to buy it.  I now do everything in my power not to click 'see more' and then send them the message that I find the ad irrelevant.  Even though I don't.

I love my i phone - don't get me wrong.  I love that right now two of my kids are in the States doing Camp America and they can face time me for a chat.  I love that I can access information instantly about anything.  It could even be referred to as an educational tool.  I just feel like now it's another limb.  It's the only way people can get hold of me - and in this instant world the expectation is to have it right there to respond immediately.  

I'm working really hard to get through this.  That night I admitted my addiction I went to bed and read a book.  I had picked up a book in Melbourne the week before of Vivienne Westwoods' diaries.  A few pages in I was sleeping like a baby and woke up feeling like a new woman.  That evening after work I dragged my bass guitar and amp down to the lounge and my husband came home to find me rocking out The Cure.  I will get through this you know, but it's not easy.  Not in this day and age.

You can call me - just don't leave a message and expect me to get back to you soon.  I'm busy trying to do stuff that matters.    

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