Jacinda Ardern wears herriot in American Vogue

Bronwyn Eichbaum

Jacinda Ardern wears herriot in American Vogue


What a day!  American Vogue March March issue is published featuring Jacinda Ardern wearing herriot pants.

I knew this day was coming, but there was still a small part of me that knew the story could get pulled at the last minute.  Well today it actually happened.

It was a false start in some respects, when Iona (from UMSIKO) my production manager called me starting the conversation with "you know those moments when you think this can't be happening?" 

Iona had had her eyes on the media for days and was super excited to see the article only to read that the pants had actually been credited to another NZ label.  Kate Sylvester actually.  I know Kate and she's a great designer and very cool person so cest la vie.

And after a couple of quick calls from my Publicist Rachel Healey it was sorted, edited, and as it should be.

My love for Jacinda Ardern

I couldn't be more delighted really.  I love Jacinda Ardern - my first encounter was at a Wellington East Girls College inspirational breakfast in 2016.  I dragged my two daughters along to have some quality female time with Mum,  having never heard of Jacinda, and knowing nothing about her background.  This was obviously well before she was in the deputy position, let alone our Prime Minister.  

She was impressive to say the least.  At the Q & A time I put my hand up and asked her "Would you like to be Prime Minister?".  Of course she diplomatically heard this as "Would you like be Prime Minister?  When in fact, I was actually asking "Would you be Prime Minister?"  It's all in the diction.  
Naturally Jacinda responded appropriately that she had no ambition to be PM, that she loved what she did, and had every confidence in the party leader who I think at that stage was Andrew Little?  
Little did Little or we know that that was soon to change.
And we've never looked back - I voted for her!

Jacinda told a great story about the difference between boys and girls, and their ambitions, and their expectations of their ambitions.  It's too long to repeat now, however, there was a moment when I reminded my daughter of this story.  And I even emailed Jacinda to say thanks and let her know I had passed this wisdom on.  I didn't hear from her but I had no expectation to either.

So today I have the honour of not only the Prime Minister of New Zealand wearing my pants - but wearing them in the fashion bible that is American Vogue.  
And doesn't she look effective.

I'd love to say go and buy yourself some, but they are still in production.  So all I can say is subscribe....and I'll let you know when they arrive.  


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