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I don't have a sister, and strangely I don't think I ever pined for one either.  I have two fabulous older brothers who never really seemed to mind me around.  Well, not that I remember anyway.  I must ask them. 

We fished, they taught me the perfect rugby dive, and would bulldog me in the back yard.  It's no wonder I was a tomboy.

I have sisters now though - my close female friends.  Fondly referred to as the inner sanctum  - if this were Salem we would all be BBQ.  That's how tight we are. 

They are smart, independant, strong, funny, and they have my back - as I have theirs.  

Every Friday morning, those of us that can (I question their priorities some weeks), get together for breakfast at Prefab here in Wellington.  Prefab to us is like Cheers was to Norm.  They know our names, they know our coffee - and they make us feel special.  They make everyone feel special there but we like to kid ourselves that it's just us.

It's these Friday mornings that start off the weekend for me.  The topics are so varied, we joke that we should have a go pro and start a you tube channel simply because  "we're so funny".   We laugh like no ones watching - and some mornings when we need a hug we cry like no ones watching as well.  And then someone says something funny and we're all laughing at the fact that one of us is crying.

What comes out of this each week other than the warmth and love is a damn fine list loaded into our i-phone of things to listen to, watch, see and do.  The quality of these recommendations is something worth sharing so that's what I'm doing now.

Barb Stone has a Media placement business MediaStone so she's right on top of anything worth knowing about.  Her latest finds are The High Low podcast, and Wellington ParanormalThe High Low I haven't yet got around to listening to but based on the Guardian review I will be. 

Being an industry A-lister, Barb had the privilege of seeing Wellington Paranormal before release and said it's brilliantly hilarious.  It's a series follow on from 'what we do in the shadows' with the same fabulous dry humour, and kicks off Wednesday 11th July on TV2.

For me a recent highlight was finding the fashion related documentary Social Fabric on Netflix.  12 episodes based on various fashion concepts and history and a damn good watch.  It's street, it's classical, it's contemporary and there's something for everyone.  You know it's good when you watch 7 in a row on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Of course with the NZIFF just around the corner it's a no brainer to get hold of the program and book as many films as you can manage.  But the one we all agree will be a highlight is the incredible documentary Yellow is Forbidden by NZ film maker Pietra Brettkelly.  An intimate portrait of Chinese Fashion designer Guo Pei - with the added bonus of being screened at our local gem The Roxy in Miramar.

So whilst Social Media may be a valuable source of information - you just can't beat word of mouth.  Sitting down with old friends and having a good old healthy debate about what's good on telly, the state of the nation, and how to raise your kids.  That's happiness right there.

If there's anything you want to recommend I'd love to hear about it.  Because If this new TVNZ series is as good as Barb says - I'll need something else lined up by Monday.  Bring on the weekend. x


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