Who the heck is herriot anyway?

Bronwyn Eichbaum

Who the heck is herriot anyway?

I was just thinking that so many people will be thinking, "who the heck is herriot?", so I thought I'd offer a little insight into me and my life.  I'm not sure this will all fit in to one blog as I'm quite mature in years...so this may be a part one of who knows how many.

Herriot is Bron Eichbaum, that's me.  I'm 56 years old, I love great style, and I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I grew up in Christchurch and my love of fashion came from my Mum.  She was a registered nurse but just loved clothes so was always sewing for me and my doll Tammy.  Tammy still sit proudly in our lounge in one of Mums sun frocks by the way.  

I know Mum sewed for all of us from a young age, as there's a great shot of my brothers and I all in matching outfits.  The boys in shirts, and me in a shirtdress - which Mum always reminded me that she'd put my buttons on the boys side.  Funny, as just this moment I thought perhaps that's where my love of androgynous clothing came from.  

I remember these outfits from photographs, but my first actual memory was the two pairs of hot pants Mum made for me in the early 70's - which I wore while perfecting my roller skating.  Shorts with a bib and crossed straps at the back. 
Then of course were the outfits she made me for my concerts...I played the violin but more on that soon.  I would always have something new and totally on trend for any of my appearances at the Christchurch Town Hall.

And then she even made me my school uniform when I went to Burnside High School.  Again, it wasn't until years later that I realised looking at my school photo that everyone had short sleeves - me, I had capped sleeves.  
I used to really try and be individual in my clothing.  Like if I purchased something, I would wear if for a while and then change it up.  I wore my brothers hand me downs (because my brothers were cool), and embellished the hand me down corduroys with braid around the hem.
I had a strong desire to be unique that's for sure.  

From violin to fashion

I'm what you'd consider a super sporty person - but most of my childhood years were spent playing the violin.  I won't say I was thrilled about this idea, but the problem was I was really bloody good.  By Christmas on my 3rd form year (that's year 9) I had passed my ATCL teaching qualification.  I have no idea how I pulled this off as I hated practising, but for some reason I just had it.

Of course - in the next couple of years the teenage girl attitude started to kick in and I'd just like to apologise now to Vicky McLean (my now FB friend) , and Peter Rowe for all of that bad attitude and grief I put you through at orchestra.  Man was I rebelling against this totally uncool instrument. 

Funny though - as I now can't get enough of playing.  I belong to the LSO (late starters orchestra) on Saturday mornings where people of all abilities come together to just enjoy playing.  I formed a trio for a while called Salty Trio - we actually got gigs.  No money changed hands as  we were just happy for a bottle of wine to drink while we played.  And I loved my experience with the Rongotai College Orchestra playing for them in both the Jesus Christ Superstar, and Oliver Twist productions.

True story - at the time of JCS I had quite a bowl haircut with a fringe.  I was waiting to go on stage on night and a couple of the boys walked past me.  "Hey Miss" they said.  "You look like someone famous"
I'm like "gee thanks boys"  "Yeah Miss - you look like Willy Wonka"

I'll be back another time....I'll leave you with that.  xxx

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  • Penny on

    Love your life tale Bronwyn. I’m probs a bit slow to get to read all this, but love it. Will order the kick flare pants tomorrow online thanks for your advice. It’ll be the first time I’m a S in a few years now. If they’re too small I won’t be cross, promise. Green corduroy jacket next.

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