re-store is a project that has been simmering for some time now. With lockdown in 2019, and time on our hands, my dear friend Nicola Clegg and I finally found the inspiration to develop a few styles.

The sad part of this story is that at the time Nicola was battling a health matter that ended up being terminal and she never got to put her beautiful garments out there. Nicola worked predominantly in denim, and these works of art have now been distributed to nieces, nephews, and family members to be cherished. I miss her. x

My garments have been sitting on my rack in the studio since then. With the occasional customer coming in and finding something they love. Now it's time to put a couple of them out there, which will hopefully inspire me to get busy again and do more.

re-store is all about taking existing garments that are no longer loved and adorning them so they can once again be cherished. Whether its the cut, or the beautiful fabric – each piece has a special quality that is worth re-storing for a new journey.